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Guide to Buying an ISP Truck

Whether you’ve decided to add additional routes to your existing ISP business, or you’ve secured financing on your first route; both scenarios need a truck that meets ISP standards. This article will provide some tips and a basic guide to buying an ISP truck. With over ten years of experience of supplying Independent contractors with their trucks, MAG Trucks has experience, knowledge, and the team to assist you along the way, and will provide the below tips.Guide to Buying a FedEx Truck

Guide to Buying an ISP Truck

There are a few insightful questions to ask when buying an ISP truck, including:

  • Will you be financing?
    • Do you already have a lender? Have you been pre-approved?
    • If you need to finance, and do not have an existing lender, MAG Trucks offers competitive rates starting at 5.99% and 24-hr approval notification.
    • Begin your credit application now to get a jump-start on the process, so it’s a much easier and quicker process for buying the step van once you’re pre-approved.
  • Do you have a specific step van model, year, length, etc. in mind? 
  • Will you pick your truck up, or have it delivered? What is your timeframe?

    • We can have the truck delivered to your location within 7-14 days anywhere in the United States.
  • What type of warranty does the truck purchase come with? 
    • It’s critical MAG has a reputable warranty, and honors the manufacturers warranty. Let us know if you’d like specific information.

When considering new and used options when purchasing an ISP Truck, it may be helpful to research and come up with a list of pros/cons for both. If you’re looking for a brief article outlining the differences in new and used step vans, see this related article: Comparing New and Used Step Vans

If you’re ready to speak with our step van specialists, give us a call and our team will be happy to answer your specific questions and direct you to the right truck to fit your needs. 888.503.7481