Where to Buy a Step Van

A quick interest search┬ácan only offer so much, so let’s explore where to buy a step van for a positive experience. Not all step van dealers are created equal, so we can only speak on behalf of MAG Trucks, but will highlight other dealers as well. The difference between MAG and other step van dealers
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Step Vans for Food Trucks

For over 10 years, MAG Trucks has been providing reliable step vans for food trucks and food truck builders across the nation! As a fully integrated step van dealership and upfitter, MAG Trucks stocks a large inventory of new and used vehicles, with access to hundreds of step vans that vary in mileage, year, models,
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What to Look For When Buying Step Vans

Tips on What to Look For When Buying Step Vans The step van term originated from the ease of a delivery man being able to step-up by means of the low van steps built under the doors, while being able to stand up-right inside of the unit. The step van base has become a standard
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