Prices include full upfitting and refurbishment of used units to meet all applicable ISP standards. Trucks purchased from MAG need no further modification or repair in order to meet ISP standards; units are ready for service at the time of delivery. For more information on MAG’s upfitting process and ISP standards, read about our process of modifying used trucks.

Length Year Brand Style Mileage Stock# Price
22-Ft2010WorkhorseStep Van150704MAG42077$35,000.00Get Price
22-Ft2010WorkhorseStep Van119100MAG39611$37,500.00Get Price
22-Ft2010WorkhorseStep Van142672MAG39615$35,500.00Get Price
22-Ft2010WorkhorseStep Van111053MAG39764$39,764.00Get Price
22-Ft2011WorkhorseStep Van208902MAG48016$33,500.00Get Price
22-Ft2011WorkhorseStep Van107542MAG43132$38,000.00Get Price
22-Ft2011WorkhorseStep Van200823MAG48031$35,500.00Get Price
22-Ft2011WorkhorseStep Van183779MAG48030$37,000.00Get Price
22-Ft2012FreightlinerP1200158991MAGW0027$51,500.00Get Price
22-Ft2012FreightlinerP1200159905MAGW0029$51,500.00Get Price